Group Purchasing Resources

We offer a diverse range of expense reduction solutions. Our audits are specific to your business and industry needs. All of our cost reduction specialists are knowledgeable in their respected fields and are familiar with the current industry standards and practices.

Our 20-year-old worldwide group purchasing network allows us to negotiate wholesale rates on your monthly expenses with most service providers. By joining our group purchasing network, your business can get the best rates possible for your industry.

Despite the rapid growth and change in the marketplace, many vendor customer service related issues continue to persist which cost our clients thousands per year. These may include:

1. Billing errors, which if undetected may continue for unlimited amounts of time (years), and result in significant over-payments often accumulating to multiple thousands of dollars.

2. Industry regulations, guidelines and directives designed to protect consumers, which are not being properly adhered to.

3. Charges for products or services not being utilized, and/or needed by the customer.

4. Unexplained tariffs, fees, or other charges wrapped in language not easily understood by most people.

5. Unsatisfactory results in fully resolving billing or service delivery issues

• Internet, TV, and Phone

• Janitorial Services

• Food / beer / alcohol / wine

• Coffee, Spices, Tea

• Credit card merchant processing

• Shipping and Packaging

• Hospital and hotel beds

• Employee uniforms and linens

• Utilities

          ‣ Gas

          ‣ Garbage

          ‣ Electric

          ‣ Water

          ‣ Sewage

          ‣ Grease / Oil Disposal

• Document shredding

• Hood / Window Cleaning

• Pest Control

• Parking Lot Maintenance

• Oven Cleaning

• Laundry

• Landscaping


• Ice Machine / dishwasher maintenance

• Cost segregation

• Security services

• Alarm Monitoring ADT-ETC

• Fire, Elevator and Alarm Lines

• Property taxes

• Human Resources

• Food Recycling

• Payroll service

• Business insurance

• Motor vehicle insurance

• Commercial fleet insurance

• Workers Comp Insurance/Audit

• Fleet maintenance

• Computer software vendors

• Shipping and packaging

• Pharmacy & medical supplies

• Medical waste disposal

• Durable Medical Equipment

• Office & store supplies / equipment

• Floor mats, cleaning and lab supplies

• Manufacturing materials

• Any other vendor bills as we have over 3,000 vendors we have contracts with worldwide